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Top Ten Tips
Top Ten Tips
Carpet Foundation
Top Ten Tips

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Consider the room it is for - and how much wear it will receive: A Hall, stairs and landing, for example, will need a heavier wearing carpet than a bedroom.

2. Are there any particular fabrics or existing decor to me matched? What are your future decorating plans? Remember to choose the carpet first and install it last!

3. Do you want a plain carpet, patterned carpet, one with a texture or a border? You have a large choice so experiment with colour and design.

4. How long do you expect your new carpet to last? Is it a 'quick fix' or a long term purchase?

5. How much do you want to spend? Don't forget to include the cost of fitting, underlay and other materials.
But always remember these points:

6. Let us measure your room professionally. Doing it yourself, you could order too much or too little!

7. Ask us for samples to take back home and see in your own environment and in your own natural light.

8. Allow for new underlay. It will prolong the life of your new carpet by up to 40% as well as giving added comfort.

9. Let us fit your new carpet professionally, You can keep any surplus carpet - you never know when it could come in handy!

10. Buy the best carpet you can afford. As with everything else, you get what you pay for and carpet is no exception.
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